What Does the X Mean on Snapchat? Decoding the Symbol (2023)

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What does the X mean on Snapchat?” We’ll solve the riddle of the Snapchat X symbol and explain its significance in this post.

Understanding the X Symbol on Snapchat

If you use Snapchat, you might have seen various icons and symbols in the app. Symbols and icons, which frequently display next to usernames or in chat conversations, are used by Snapchat to express meanings and functionalities. An example of such a symbol is the X, which serves certain functions.

The X sign, which occasionally shows next to a user’s name, is an essential component of Snapchat’s user interface and is neither a glitch nor a problematic feature. In the Friends list, the Chat screen, and the Quick Add section, users may see the X icon next to the names of their friends.

When You See an X

If you see an X next to a name on Snapchat, it typically means that the person has sent you a friend request that you haven’t accepted yet.

what does the x mean on snapchat

Tapping the name shows two buttons: An ‘Okay’ button that accepts the friend request, and a ‘Report or Block’ button that lets you report or block the person.

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Alternatively, tapping the X next to the name brings up a few options right from the Chat page — allowing you to report, block, or clear the conversation from your screen.

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What does the X Mean on Snapchat?

So, what does the X mean on Snapchat? According to where you view it.

A friend’s name has an X next to it on the Friends list.

You are no longer friends with someone if there is an X icon next to their name in the Friends list. Either you or they could have unfriended each other.

This indicates that you are waiting to become friends. The X will vanish if they accept your request, and you will then be added as friends on Snapchat.

The X and Unfriending

The X may also be shown next to the name of an earlier conversation with the friend. This often means that they have blocked you.

It’s conceivable that an X will appear next to someone’s name if they unfriended you on Snapchat before sending you a friend request later. If you had been blocked on Snapchat, it may have been a similar circumstance.

On Snapchat, blocking someone causes them to instantly unfriend you. You can see an X next to their name on the Chat screen if they choose to unblock you and send you a friend request yet again.

Troubleshooting the X on Snapchat

There are a few things you may do if the Snapchat X icon is giving you problems:

– Make sure your internet connection is good.
– Launch Snapchat again.
– Clear the cache on the Snapchat app.
– Update the Snapchat app if it has not been updated for a while.
– For assistance, if you’re still having issues, get in touch with Snapchat support.


In conclusion, the X symbol on Snapchat is simply a tool for managing your friends list. It serves as a reminder of pending friend requests and helps keep track of your interactions with other users. So, the next time you see an X on your Snapchat, remember it’s just part of the app’s design to enhance your user experience.

Remember, social media platforms like Snapchat are constantly evolving with new features and symbols. Stay updated and make the most out of your Snapchat experience!

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