ChatGPT and the Rise of Artificial General Intelligence

The world is evolving because of artificial intelligence and tools like ChatGPT. In this article, we are going to cover the future of ChatGPT and the rise of artificial general intelligence.

However, to a certain extent, Photoshop could be used to produce fake photographs that were genuine, but it required a lot of time.

It’s completed with a button click to make a fashionable hairstyle change. One-click will result in the reduction of your hair.

The texture of your hair will get lengthy with one click. You may also enlarge your photographs to include wider areas.

Photoshop Generative AI

Capabilities of AI

AI can be capable of modifying faces as you desire, With the assistance of AI, I can use my voice in addition to my face to speak in a different language.

Furthermore, with the aid of AI, I can even change my voice if necessary. With the use of artificial intelligence, I can produce artistic productions and activities in a matter of seconds.

Organizations like Marvel are using AI to generate animations for their films and television shows. According to businesses like Amazon, novels will be written by AI and sold on the company’s website.

What AI is presently capable of is beyond. Automatic email responses, email writing services, study and work assistance, health counseling, and virtual assistant services are all examples of how your virtual assistant may aid you.

There are countless options. There is a new worldwide revolution that we are seeing. The influence of artificial intelligence will be felt everywhere.

Acceptance of AI and ChatGPT Worldwide

Acceptance of chatgpt worldwide

The job market will transform rapidly. How students learn in schools and universities will restructure. There will be changes to the political system. The nature of military conflict will change. Let’s attempt to figure out these.

“Should we automate away all the jobs?”
“Every technological revolution leads to job changes and this will be no exception.”
“The danger of AI is much greater than the danger of nuclear warheads. By a lot!”

Even though AI has been growing quickly for the past several years, it wasn’t until ChatGPT version 3.5 was made accessible to the general public in November 2022 that people began to notice it.

The AI program ChatGPT uses the Large Language Model (LLM) of language. Its ability to faithfully reproduce human speech is what makes it unique.

It was taught how people communicate with one another and how we use language on computers, phones, and the internet, so it can now speak to us in that way.

OpenAI announced the launch of its eagerly anticipated ChatGPT software for Android users. The app is now listed on Google Play. Developed by an American startup called OpenAI, ChatGPT has had the highest rate of online service growth in the world.

View this graph.


1 million users of Netflix were reached after 3.5 years. It took Twitter two years. It took Facebook 10 months. It took Instagram 75 days. And in just 5 days, ChatGPT achieved this goal.

This has a fairly simple explanation. You will be able to understand after you start using ChatGPT. It is free to use with version 3.5.

Simply register for an account on the OpenAI website. Simply type something. When the responses are created, they appear to be made by a human.

Whether you want to know about some facts, ask it to generate an email for you, or have a grammar-related query, You’ll get all the answers with 100% accuracy.

Due to the remarkable capabilities of this technology, large corporations quickly developed their own AI chatbots in an effort to compete.

Google introduced the Google Bard in reaction to the ChatGPT. Despite their relationship with OpenAI, Microsoft nonetheless debuted its Bing AI.

MyAI was introduced by Snapchat. In addition, numerous businesses, like POE-1 by Quora and Duolingo, have already included AI in their systems or have made plans to do so soon.

Impact of AI and ChatGPT on the Job Market

Every time a new technology has been introduced in the past, it has unquestionably changed the job market.

When vehicles arrived, the duties of those who pulled horse-drawn carriages were nearly complete.

Landline telephone operators’ occupations were completely eliminated when smartphones were introduced.

The demand for bank tellers’ positions, which were employed to facilitate cash transactions before ATMs arrived, substantially decreased.

ChatGPT and the Rise of Artificial General Intelligence

Similar to how booking clerk positions have decreased as a result of the development of Internet websites.

Assembly line employees lost their employment as a result of the introduction of industrial robots. But compared to all of these technologies, artificial intelligence poses a significantly greater threat.

There are two reasons behind this. The first is that not just one industry will be impacted by AI technology. It will actually be evident in every sector. The careers of creative individuals are now in danger for the first time.

People used to believe that as technology advances, the most repetitive, mechanical occupations will be the first to disappear. Nobody anticipated that creative professions like graphic designers might also go out of style.

Musicians’ and graphic designers’ jobs may be in trouble. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion may quickly produce pictures for you as well as design logos and visuals.

Take a look at Google’s music model if we’re talking about music. Simply indicate in the text that you want to hear only the guitar version of the song “Bella Ciao.” Or you might claim that you only want to hear the flute and drums when listening to this song.

Google MusicLM

Future technology will make creating music very simple. All you need to do is specify the genre of music you desire, and you’ll receive it.

The influence of AI will be immediate and profound. Millions of jobs will be lost in every sector. But there is also positive news, which must make you nervous.

New Job Created By Artificial Intelligence

The good news is that job opportunities will appear if existing jobs are eliminated. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Future of Jobs Report, AI will eliminate 85 million jobs globally by 2025.

However, according to the same estimate, 97 million new employment would be produced with the aid of AI over this time period.

Since this is the case, it is sometimes argued that “AI is not a job killer, but a job category killer.”

What job sectors will emerge, one might think?

Artificial intelligence expertise will be required for all of the new employment that will be developed in this area. For instance, on the one hand, a graphic designer can quit his job and no longer be required to create logos.

On the other hand, we’ll need someone who can train AI on how to create logos. To be able to instruct AI on what should be included in the logo, a person will still be required.

Then, a new individual will be required to alter or adjust AI’s output. Because of this, there is a second statement that goes, “AI won’t steal your job, but a person knowing AI will.

Your job will undoubtedly be taken by someone who understands how to use artificial intelligence, not artificial intelligence itself. This implies that we must quickly adjust to this new reality.

The two most crucial components for success in life going ahead are learning and adapting. There are several more methods to integrate ChatGPT-style AIs into the educational system.

Advanced nations like Japan have already begun to act. Japan has issued guidelines on how to utilize artificial intelligence in classrooms and how not to.

It can be utilized to lighten a teacher’s burden. It may be used to help students understand things deeply.

It may be used to learn English and fact-check information. However, Japan has declared that using it to cheat is prohibited.

How ChatGPT Will Destabilize White-Collar Work?

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, can perform tasks similar to humans but faster and more efficiently.

This could lead to companies using ChatGPT to perform tasks previously done by humans, potentially causing job losses.

For instance, it could write news articles, legal research, and code, reducing the need for journalists, paralegals, and programmers.

This could destabilize white-collar jobs and potentially result in job losses.

It’s important to keep in mind although that ChatGPT is a tool that may be utilised for good or harm. Choosing how to use it such that everyone benefits is up to us.

A robot that completes our educational tasks for us is one way that ChatGPT may be put to use.

Even while it could seem like a fantastic concept, it might cause learning to freeze and tasks to be forgotten.

ChatGPT may be compared to a robot that completes all of our tasks for us, but if we get excessively dependent on it, we risk losing the abilities necessary to carry out our duties.

So, it is essential to use ChatGPT wisely, while still trying to learn and grow on our own.

ChatGPT and the Rise of Artificial General Intelligence

The world is going to experience a significant transformation because of artificial intelligence.

Only the displays were visible till now. Imagine it leaving the displays and entering the real world. Such robots that can move, run, and jump like humans have already been created by companies like Boston Dynamics.

The capabilities of current robots will amaze you. Atlas, their newest robot, is capable of interacting with the surroundings.

It is capable of picking up and holding a piece of wood by itself. It is capable of overcoming it. Additionally, it can benefit the human worker. Already, these robots are useful in the construction industry.

Humanoid Robots and ChatGPT

Imagine what might happen if these robots were combined with ChatGPT technology. Because they don’t need to sleep or eat, these robots will be far more efficient than people. By the way, these human-like robots are known as humanoid robots.

Technologies like ChatGPT have already been implemented by several researchers, like Ameca, the humanoid robot. It has ChatGPT 4.0 technology built in. It has the ability to communicate with people in a typical human manner. Quite realistically, too.

What will happen if these robots develop to the point where they can perform every task better than humans? Though it will take many years, it is important to consider what kind of world it will leave behind.

According to Israeli philosopher and historian Yuval Noah Harari, artificial intelligence will be able to write its own holy scriptures. They will have their believers, which will lead to the birth of new faiths in the future.


Many intellectual, ethical, and technological concerns are raised here. There is no reason to be too scared by this distant future. Just keep in mind that, for the moment being, your career will benefit from your improved ability to adapt and educate yourself about AI.

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