AI in Political Campaigns to Scams: How AI Is Changing the Game

AI in political campaigns is turning out to be more productive. It helps competitors in information examination and further develops voter engagement. However, Scammers are using AI to encourage further advanced and personalized frauds. Because AI can replicate human behavior, it might be challenging to spot fraudulent activity.

AI in Political Campaigns

The most risky thing for AI is using it in politics. And it has already been implemented. Machine learning was used in the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal in 2016 before AI ever reached this stage. Various messages were sent to various voters using a significant quantity of Facebook data and Machine Learning, a specialized area of artificial intelligence.

People were ranked based on what they liked and didn’t like, based on what kind of things they liked, based on their personality. The ads they saw were tailored to their personality.

The US Presidential election in 2016 when Donald Trump won, and the UK during the Brexit vote were two of the most significant examples of this, and the first use of AI in political campaigns. This article will provide an example of the political propaganda of Brexit.

Facebook data was gathered in its fullest form, and several demographic groups were created. People concerned with the environment have been shown ads related to polar bears.

ads related to polar bears

Some individuals have a severe fear of foreigners. Thus, these ads were displayed to them.

ads of immigrants moving to uk

On how Turkey will be able to travel without a visa as a result of joining the European Union. That was misleading.

turkey joining EU

The EU has not yet granted Turkey visa-free travel. However, those who were terrified of this did so by voting for Brexit.

turkey population

Then there were some who had inflation on their minds. Thus, they saw this advertisement.

ads related to inflation

Rather than being shown all of the advertisements, they were shown personalized ads after their data was analyzed through Machine Learning. And it worked extremely well.

personalized ads shown by Facebook


On election day, 51.9% of voters chose to support Brexit. But this was just a tiny illustration. Now that AI has advanced so far, it may be applied in far more dangerous ways.

However, there is a glimpse of hope that AI may also be beneficial. AI may be used to combat this misinformation and propaganda. How? Time will only tell.

This sentence from an article on Medium perfectly sums up the entire scenario.”Artificial intelligence can save democracy unless it destroys it first.” The fact is that a lot of individuals are currently misusing it on a large scale.

AI in Scams

The author of the tweet describes how he met a man who uses artificial intelligence to mislead users of dating applications like Tinder. He responds to guys using AI, speaks with them repeatedly, and then demands payment to continue. And by using this swindle, the scammer makes over 1.2 million every month. This is only an illustration.

Since the emergence of ChatGPT, the potential for fraudulent activities and scams has significantly escalated.

Previously, Nigerian Prince scams were predominantly distributed via email. It was relatively easy to identify these scams due to the poor grammar and numerous grammatical errors present within the emails.

nigerian prince scam

However, with the advent of AI-generated scam emails, detecting even a single mistake has become increasingly challenging.

Voice-Based Scams

Voice-based frauds are the most typical method that AI has used to fraud humans. What do these scammers do? Through AI, they replicate the sounds of your family members. Then they want payment from you. You have the impression that a relative is phoning.

The McAfee Lab researchers looked at the usability and accessibility of AI voice cloning technologies for two weeks. Numerous free voice tools are accessible on the web, they discovered.

A ‘Hi Mum’ scam was carried out on WhatsApp, according to an ABC report. Artificial intelligence was employed by scammers to pose as members of your family. They would send messages posing as relatives.

In 2022, they stole from more than 11,000 Australians and made $7.2 million. Avoiding these fraudulent activities can only be done in one way. Artificial intelligence should be made as easily accessible to humans as possible.

People should be educated on how artificial intelligence can be used for scams. Because most individuals won’t be able to educate and adjust themselves so rapidly, the future will be even more challenging.


In addition to using these AIs directly to fraud you, many unethical businesses continue to use them. Consider how simple it would be for them to use technologies like AI to frighten you into being dependent.

Therefore, from political campaigns to scams, it is how artificial intelligence is changing the game and how it will ultimately change the future.

Mitesh Jadav, the brain behind, serving as the founder and technical writer.

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