Apple iPhone 15 Series: Everything We Know So Far

Apple has released its latest Apple iPhone 15 series, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, all over the world. The Pro and Pro Max models come in four colors: black titanium, white titanium, blue titanium, and just titanium. Additionally, there are some small updates to the AirPods and introduced new Apple Watches. Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Apple iPhone 15 Series Colors
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Apple did something different this time. They usually start their events with a presentation and Tim Cook talks about things. But this time, they showed a movie that tells a story about how Apple is helping people. It was a unique and interesting way to promote their products.

Apple Event Life Saving Stories
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Apple iPhone 15 Series

We are more interested in the actual things that are coming over the phone. There are new things added to all Apple products, some small and some big. Let me try to cover all of it for you.

Let’s start by discussing the Apple Watch. It offers a brand-new, distinctive function that allows you to tap your fingertips to manage the watch’s functionality, which is quite interesting. Neural sensors, which recognize the tap you make with your fingertip, can do this.

It may be handy for a variety of tasks, such as answering calls, playing and pausing music, and starting a stopwatch. Apple also provided some more examples, such as hiking up mountains and making a meal, that are both interesting and useful.

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Lightning-fast charging is included, and S9 SIP, a new processor that speeds up SIRI response, is also included. Peak brightness, which is greater than the previous edition at 2000 nits, is the next notable feature. The brightness range, which has a much wider bandwidth range, may be set from 1 nit to 2000 nits.

Apple Watch S9 Processor
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This significant and helpful update has resulted in a 60% boost in the Apple Watch battery. A 30% faster GPU will be provided for good performance. Crash detection will operate without a hitch.

Apple Watch Crash Detection
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Recycling was the main focus of all the presentations during the event, which is a next-level idea and what Apple was primarily thinking about. Because of this, the Apple Watch is completely carbon neutral and won’t have any negative effects on the environment.

Carbon Neutral
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There will be a lot of changes to the Apple Watch Ultra 2. With a display brightness of almost 3000 nits, you’ll enjoy the brightest display ever.

Apple watch ultra 2
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Battery life of 36 hours on a single charge Even the amount of climbing you’ve done may be measured.

One of Apple’s most important commitments is that by 2030, all of its products will be CO2-free and carbon-neutral.

This watch is made of a titanium alloy that is 95% recyclable. The endeavor to remove the leather from the iPhone casing and watch bands is one thing that is noteworthy. Straps get cooler thanks to partnerships with Hermes and Nike.

Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

The Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have undergone significant modifications this time, so although they initially appear little, you will utilize them on a daily basis.

Apple iPhone 15 and 15 Plus
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USB-C Compatibility

The most important change is USB-C, which has been anticipated by everyone for a very long time. The iPhone’s previous lightning connector was extremely primitive, and data transmission from a mobile device to a laptop was a frantic process. People favored AirDrop as a result.

USB-C in Apple iPhone 15
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Wherever you traveled, it used to be very difficult to plug in USB-C, and it was difficult to get an iPhone lightning cable. But now things are simpler, and even Apple’s AirPods enable USB-C, which is the sole modification to the AirPod.

Now, all Apple products are compatible with USB-C. High-speed data communication is now available, and charging has become faster. As we all know, nearly all Android smartphones now have USB-C ports.

Dynamic Island

Another difference is that Dynamic Island, which was previously only available in the Pro versions of the iPhone until last year, is now available in the basic models of the iPhone 15.

Apple iPhone 15 Series Dynamic Island
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Numerous individuals have different names for it; they may refer to it as a notch, an island, or a surfboard. However, using a timer, listening to music, changing tunes, or ordering an Uber is the ideal way to use this dynamic island.

Although the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus offer dynamic island, super retina XDR display, and noticeable brightness, non-pro devices won’t support 120Hz refresh rates; perhaps they want to distinguish slightly between non-pro and pro versions.

Build Quality

The build quality has undergone several obvious modifications, and the shape has become rather curved. The iPhone 14’s sides were formerly quite flat, however, they now feature some curved edges. Also somewhat rounded are the sides.

Additionally, a color infusion on the back side gives it a somewhat distinct appearance. You’ll receive a ceramic shield on the front, and the colors are also unique. It doesn’t have a glossy or shiny finish; rather, it has a matte finish.


The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will come with a 48 MP camera, which is another significant update.

A few small adjustments have been made to the camera, such as pixel binning, which combines four or more neighboring pixels into one to increase clarity and improve lighting, along with portrait mode and the auto-portrait mode function.

Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus Auto Portrait Feature
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In essence, what occurs is that you snap a picture and then have the option to change it to portrait mode. This is both fascinating and helpful.

Despite the fact that a 48MP camera now has a 2X mode, you can zoom in and take pictures. The quality of the image will still be excellent even when taken with a 2x zoom.

Voice Saturation and Emergency SOS

Voice saturation is another excellent function that makes it possible to cancel out any neighborhood and traffic noises at the time of the conversation, which may be highly distracting.

With the aid of emergency SOS, roadside assistance through satellite can be helpful in cases like a flat tire, getting locked out, having no fuel or charge, a car that won’t start, or a vehicle trapped. India does not have access to this function.

Roadside Assistant Via Satellite
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The improvements of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus over the prior models are not entirely revolutionary compared to the previous versions but are leveling up from that.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

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USB-C and Thunderbolt

USB-C has been added, but with it, you get to see Thunderbolt. It is also included in MacBooks and is really significantly faster—even in USB-C. Although this improvement will probably be minimal, it is nonetheless quite beneficial.

Now you may instantly record videos by connecting an SSD to it. Apple hasn’t altered the charging speed this year, but perhaps it will do so the next. The rate of data transport has risen by 25%.

Using this USB-C Thunderbolt port, you can transfer data at a rate of 10 GB/s, which helps you transfer files to laptops to manage storage issues, and you don’t have to bother about AirDrop now. Thunderbolt can also support iPhone display sharing with a TV.


Now that we are discussing the build, the build as a whole has changed. You are about to experience a titanium body. Titanium is an extremely durable substance.

The Apple Watch Ultra was the first device to employ it; going forward, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will do the same.

Grade 5 titanium alloy, which is robust, long-lasting, and lightweight, has been used by Apple. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are lighter than earlier iPhone models. This is the exact same alloy that NASA’s Mars rover uses.

You will notice a distinct texture because of the titanium, and unlike many earlier iPhones that have scratches on their sides, this phone does not have those kinds of issues.

Because there won’t be any dents if you drop your phone accidentally, it is more durable. The iPhone now weighs 187 g instead of the previous 206 g. You’ll undoubtedly notice the difference.


The size of the iPhone Pro is 6.1″ and the iPhone Pro Max is 6.7″.

Size of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro max
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Alert Slider is now an Action Button

One of the biggest changes we have seen in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is the red alert slider. Now it’s gone.

Alert Slider Is Gone in iPhone 15
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There is now a programmable action button that may be used. Yes, this means that you may now program it for many functionalities. You can activate the camera if you want to.

If you want to go silent, you can do that. So, among other things, you may enable night mode, record your voice, and do searches. The action button is integrated with Dynamic Island.

Another thing to note is that the alert slider used to have two distinct modes: one on the upper side and one on the bottom side. Now, you can use vibrations to determine the mode. If you push and hold the button, various vibrations will be felt for silent mode and different vibrations for ring mode.

Performance and Processor

The Bionic A17 CPU is a revolutionary processor designed for performance. It has six cores and is 20–30% faster than the previous generation.

A16 Bionic Chip
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There is now ray tracing support. These are the greatest gaming gadgets available, according to Apple. On the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, several games at the console level will be available. So yes, in terms of performance, it ranks well.

Reflections and shadows are much better by using ray tracing. which, while playing games that enable these features, provides you real-life experience.

In pro models, the A17 Pro Bionic Chip is utilized. There are two different kinds of cores. a 6-core, 2 high-performance, and 4 high-efficiency CPUs with a 3-nanometer base.

As compared to the previous CPU, this one is 10% quicker. These processors, which operate offline and have AI capabilities, also have a neural engine placed inside of them.

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Camera Difference Between Pro and Pro Max

The camera is highly important since many people use iPhones to film their vlogs, some may use them to take pictures, and some utilize flagship-level phones to conduct high-quality tasks.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max both have a 3-camera setup in which the main camera is 48MP, a 12MP ultrawide camera, and a 12MP telephoto camera.

In the pro model, one lens is 3x and one lens is 2x. Both cameras are telephoto, allowing you to shoot long shots. You may optically zoom it without reducing the image quality.

Digital zoom is used to a certain extent; its range is 6x to 15x, which is significantly more than that of the previous pro versions.

With the Pro Max variant, you can optically zoom up to 15 times and up to 5 times.

Therefore, whether you are recording a movie or taking a picture with a 10x zoom, you can now accomplish the same things you could in the 14 series but with clearer footage with the 15 Pro Max. It wouldn’t compromise quality. That turned out to be a big update in telephoto.

Tetra Prism design

According to Apple, the Tetra Prism design was utilized; essentially, the light bounces in a new way. To put it simply, you can zoom in to capture pictures and make films.

Apple has compared the Tetra Prism design to DSLR lenses to demonstrate how they have included such a feature in smartphones. While this is certainly a positive thing, we have already seen similar designs in other devices.

4K60 fps ProRes

The ability to capture video at 4K60 fps ProRes has also been shown by Apple, which is a significant deal. OIS support is also included.

Spatial Video

There is also support for spatial video. You may now inquire, “What is spatial video?” It basically works with Apple devices exclusively, however, Apple features an Apple Vision Pro headset in which you can watch this spatial video that gives you a 3D experience.

How Much Will the iPhone 15 Cost?

The cost of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus won’t change, but the cost of Pro models will definitely increase.

iPhone 15iPhone 15 PlusiPhone 15 ProiPhone 15 Pro Max
IndiaRs 79,900Rs 89,900Rs 134,900Rs 1,59,900
Dubai (UAE)AED 3,399AED 3,799AED 4,299AED 5,099

Finally, let’s discuss the storage of Pro and Pro Max versions. You get 128GB with the Pro basic model. The other three are 1TB, 512GB, and 256GB.

You can pre-order the Apple 15 Series from Apple’s site. Available starting on September 22. You can check out Apple iPhone 14, Apple iPhone 14 Pro, and Apple iPhone 14  Pro Max.

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