Snapchat Slang Words: Top 15 Most Widely Used

This article explores the most popular Snapchat slang words among Gen-Z, highlighting their inventive use of Snapchat abbreviations.

Snapchat slang is a unique language that has evolved among Snapchat users. It is a mix of abbreviations, acronyms, and emojis that are used to communicate quickly and efficiently.

List of Snapchat Slang Words and Meanings

Here are some of the top 15 most widely used common Snapchat slang words and their meanings:

What does SFS mean on Snapchat?

SFS, an acronym on Snapchat, can have various meanings depending on the context. Common meanings include shoutout for shoutout, snap for snap, and Snapchat for Snapchat.

This is how you ask for followers, establish connections, and promote your post to increase its reach. SFS can also stand for “spam for spam” or “story for story,” but these meanings are less common and less widely used.

Here are some examples of how SFS is used on Snapchat:

  • “SFS? 😎” This is asking if the other user is interested in doing a shoutout for shoutout.
  • “SFS! Send me a snap and I’ll send you one back. 😊” This is an offering to exchange snaps with the other user.
  • “Follow me and I’ll SFS you back! 👍” This is asking the other user to follow them back in exchange for a shoutout.

What does WYLL mean on Snapchat?

WYLL” is a Snapchat acronym for “What You Look Like.” It allows users to ask for photos or videos of themselves, their personality, or their interests.

WYLL can be teasing or casual, used for getting to know someone or to get their opinion on outfits.

Here are some examples of how WYLL is used on Snapchat:

  • “WYLL? 😍”
  • “I’m bored, WYLL? 😂”
  • “I’m thinking about getting a new haircut, WYLL? 🤔”
  • “I’m going to a party tonight, WYLL? 💃🕺”

What does NFS mean Snapchat?

NFS has two main meanings on Snapchat:

  1. Snapchat’s “No Further Screenshots” feature requests users not to take screenshots of their snaps, promoting short-term messaging. This is seen in snaps where the sender requests no further screenshots.
  2. The “No Filter Sunday” trend encourages unfiltered photos on Sundays, promoting self-acceptance and body positivity.

Here are some examples of how NFS is used on Snapchat:

  • “Going makeup-free today! #nfs ✨”
  • “Feeling confident in my own skin! #nofiltersunday 😌”
  • “Loving my natural look! #nfs 💕”

What does FS mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s FS stands for “for sure,” a common way to express agreement, confirmation, or enthusiasm.

It can be used in text and video snaps, and often combined with other emojis or abbreviations to convey additional meaning.

FS can be used to respond to invitations, agree on opinions, confirm plans, or express excitement.

Here are some examples of how FS is used on Snapchat:

  • “Can you help me with my homework?” “FS!”
  • “I’m so glad you’re here!” “FS! I’m glad to see you too.”
  • “I’m going to bed soon. Are you?” “FS! I’m tired too.”
  • “I can’t wait to go to the beach!” “FS! Me too!”

What does ISTG mean on Snapchat?

ISTG, meaning “I swear to God,” is a popular Snapchat abbreviation to express seriousness, frustration, or surprise.

ISTG is a relatively new acronym, and it is not as widely used as some other Snapchat slang words. However, it is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people.

Here are some examples of how ISTG is used on Snapchat:

  • “I hate negative energy. #istg.”
  • “Females be sneaky on the low #Istg !!!”
  • “ISTG, I’m not lying.” – Telling someone the truth

What does WTM mean on Snapchat?

WTM on Snapchat has two main meanings: “What’s the move” for casual conversations, inviting someone to hang out, and “What’s the matter” for expressing concern or worry.

The context of the conversation determines the meaning of WTM. In some contexts, it can also mean “Whatever that means,” but this is less common.

Here are some examples of how WTM is used on Snapchat:

  • “WTM tonight? 🤔”
  • “I’m bored, WTM? 😂”
  • “Are you okay? WTM? 😕”
  • “I’m thinking about getting a new haircut, WTM? 🤔”

What does OTP mean on Snapchat?

OTP stands for “One True Pairing,” is a popular term in followership culture referring to a favorite romantic pairing between fictional characters.

It’s often used on Snapchat to express love for a particular couple or share related content.

Here are some examples of how OTP is used on Snapchat:

  • “My OTP is so cute together! 😍”
  • “I’m shipping this OTP so hard! 🚢”
  • “I made a fanvid of my OTP, check it out! 🎥”
  • “I’m going to cosplay as my OTP at the next convention!” 🎭”
  • “I’m so excited for the new season of my favorite show, I can’t wait to see my OTP again! 🤩”

What does SB mean on Snapchat?

SB stands for “snap back” on Snapchat. It is a common way to ask someone to send you a snap in return.

Here are some examples of how SB is used on Snapchat:

  • “SB for streak!” This implies that the user requests that you send them a snap back to keep up with their Snapstreak. A Snapstreak is a successive chain of days when you and another user exchange snaps.
  • “SB to be on my private story.” This means that the user is asking you to send them a snap back if you want to be added to their private story. A private story is a story that can only be seen by a select group of friends.
  • “SB if you’re awake.” This means that the user is asking you to send them a snap back if you are awake and available to chat.

What does WTW mean on Snapchat?

WTW on Snapchat has two main meanings: “What’s the word?“, a casual question about someone’s plans, and “What the what?“, a way to express surprise or disbelief, often used in response to unexpected or shocking events.

Here are some examples of how WTW is used on Snapchat:

  • “What’s the word on the new restaurant down the street?”
  • “I heard there’s a new party spot in town. WTW?”
  • “My friends are all going to the concert tonight. WTW?”
  • “I’m so bored out of my mind. WTW?”

What does FWB mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, “FWB” stands for “friends with benefits.” FWB refers to casual, short-term relationships based on mutual attraction, convenience, or physical intimacy, without the expectation of romantic or emotional connection.

Here are some examples of how FWB is used on Snapchat:

  • “I’m looking for an FWB situation, not a serious relationship.”
  • “Are you interested in being FWB?”
  • “I’m down to be FWB with you.”
  • “We’re just friends with benefits.”

What does WTV mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, WTV” is shorthand for “whatever.” it is a Snapchat abbreviation used to express indifference, boredom, or lack of interest.

It is commonly used on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to convey a sense of nonchalance or a lack of strong feelings.

The abbreviation is versatile and casual, making it a versatile way to express a lack of interest or preference.

Here are some examples of how “WTV” might be used in a Snapchat conversation:

  • “I’m down for WTV you wanna do tonight.”
  • “What’s the movie schedule like for today? WTV is playing, we can go see that.”
  • “I don’t really care what we eat for dinner. WTV is fine.”

What does SMH mean on Snapchat?

SMH on Snapchat stands for shaking my head.” It is a common Snapchat abbreviation for expressing disapproval, disbelief, or disappointment.

It can be used to express foolishness or absurdity in posts or to express surprise or amusement at unexpected or unusual things.

For instance, a humorous “smh” with a laughing emoji can be used to express surprise and amusement at a friend’s silly behavior.

Here are some examples of how smh might be used in a Snapchat conversation:

  • “Did you see that video of that guy trying to eat a whole pizza in one sitting? smh”
  • “I can’t believe my sister just spilled coffee all over her white shirt. smh”
  • “I’m so tired of hearing people complain about the weather. smh”

What does HY mean on Snapchat?

HY on social media platforms means “Hell Yes” or “Hell Yeah” and is an informal expression of strong agreement or enthusiasm.

It can be used to express excitement about attending a party or support a post about something you wholeheartedly agree with.

Here are some examples of how HY might be used in a Snapchat conversation:

  • “Are you down to go to the game tonight? HY!”
  • “I just saw the new trailer for that movie and I’m already obsessed. HY!”
  • “I totally agree with your opinion on this topic. HY!”

What does HRU mean on Snapchat?

HRU on Snapchat stands for “How Are You?“.It is a common way to check in on someone and ask about their status.

It’s a polite and friendly way to start or continue a conversation, especially when you’ve not spoken in a while.

It’s a quick and easy way to check in on someone, making it a common part of online and text-based communication, especially on Snapchat.

Here are some examples of how HRU might be used in a Snapchat conversation:

  • “Hey HRU? I haven’t talked to you in a while.”
  • “What’s up HRU? I’m just chilling at home.”

What does PMO mean Snapchat?

The acronym “PMO” on social media platforms has two main meanings: “Put me on” and “Piss me off.

The most common meaning is to ask someone to introduce you to something or someone, such as a new restaurant or meeting new people.

The less common meaning is to express annoyance or frustration, such as dealing with a difficult situation or someone’s annoying behavior.

The context of the conversation usually determines the meaning of PMO, but if unsure, it’s best to ask for clarification.

Here are some of the most commonly used Snapchat abbreviations:

– LOL: Laugh out loud
– BRB: Be right back
– OMG: Oh my God
– TBH: To be honest
– FYI: For your information
– BTW: By the way
– IDK: I don’t know
– TTYL: Talk to you later
– ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
– GTG: Got to go
– LMK: Let me know
– NVM: Never mind
– IMO: In my opinion
– AF: As f*** (used for emphasis)
– HBU: How about you?
– IRL: In real life
– TBT: Throwback Thursday (used for sharing old photos or memories)
– FTW: For the win
– ASL: Age/Sex/Location

These slang words are many times used to communicate fervor, energy, endorsement, or friendship. They can likewise be utilized to portray something cool, great, or appealing.

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