Apple Music Replay: Recollect Your Most Played Songs of 2023

Apple Music Replay offers a fun new feature that allows users to see and listen to their top songs from 2023, creating a personalized playlist at year-end.

What is Apple Music Replay?

Apple Music Replay is an annual wrap-up playlist that is automatically generated for subscribers. It contains your top 100 most played songs from the current calendar year.

This personalized playlist becomes available in late November and updates dynamically as you continue listening to music. It allows you to reminisce on the music that defined your year.

Apple Music Replay 2023

When Does Replay Become Available?

The Apple Music Replay 2023 playlist typically becomes available in late November 2023. It will continue to update with your top songs through December 31, 2023.

After that, the playlist is finalized to reflect your definitive 100 most streamed tracks of the year. The playlist art will showcase your top genres.

How to Find Your Apple Music Replay Playlist

Finding your 2023 Replay playlist is easy:

  • Open the Listen Now tab in the Apple Music app.
  • Scroll down and locate the Replay 2023 playlist.
  • You can also search for “Replay” and it should appear at the top.

The playlist icon will feature your most-listened to music genres from the year. Once opened, you’ll see your top 100 songs in reverse order starting with #100.

Features of Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay wrapped

Apple Music Replay comes with some cool features that let you dig into your listening habits:

  • Top Songs: The playlist ranks your top 100 most played tracks, so you can see precisely which tunes you had on repeat this year.
  • Top Artists: It highlights your top artists from 2023. So you can see which musicians defined your year in music.
  • Listening Stats: You can see how many total minutes of music you streamed in 2023 and your top genre.
  • Share: You can share your Replay playlist card or playlist link on social media. Compare your top songs with friends!

Benefits of Apple Music Replay

There are many benefits to the Apple Music Replay feature:

  • Nostalgia: It’s a blast from the past! Replay allows you to relive your favorite musical moments from the year.
  • Discover Forgotten Favorites: You may come across songs you loved but have since forgotten. Replay reminds you of music worth re-listening to.
  • Reflect on Your Year: The playlist serves as a soundtrack to your year. You can reflect on memories associated with your top songs.
  • Find New Patterns: You may notice interesting patterns in your listening behavior and preference over the year.
  • Recommendations: Replay can help Apple Music better understand your music taste. This allows it to improve recommendations for you in the future.

Can I Share My Replay Playlist?

Yes, Apple Music makes it easy to share your personalized Replay playlist. Here’s how:

  • When you open your Replay playlist, tap the “Share” icon.
  • Choose the share method you want, like Messages, Facebook, Instagram Stories, etc.
  • Copy the playlist link or take a screenshot of the colorful Replay card to post.
  • You can challenge friends to share their Replay playlists and compare top songs!

Difference between Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped

Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped are both features that provide users with a year-end review of their music listening habits. However, they differ in several ways:

Content: Replay shows your top songs, top artists, amount of artists, and total listening hours. After the latest iOS update Apple Music now offers a seamless, gapless playback experience with crossfade between songs, allowing each song to fade in while the previous one fades out.

On the other hand, Spotify Wrapped provides more stats, and some fun little anecdotes, and packages it all in a cool-looking shareable interface.

Presentation: Spotify Wrapped is known for its unique experiences like the “Audio Aura” and the “Listening Personality” which are tailor-made for social media sharing.

These features make the user the star of the show and are quite vibrant and artistic.

Apple Music Replay, however, relies on more standard metrics like top 100 listener status, Year-End charts, and predictable surprises. It lacks the vibrant, shareable charm of Spotify’s offerings.

Availability: A key difference between Replay and Wrapped is that while Wrapped is available for a little over a month, Replay is available year-round.

Sharing: Spotify’s features are custom-built for social sharing. They’re eye-catching, generally fun, and fall in line with cultural trends.

Apple’s insights are also optimized for sharing on their social channels or through messaging, but they’re not as dynamic, artistic, or original as Spotify’s features.


Apple Music Replay provides a fun, personalized recap of your most played music from 2023. It offers a snapshot of your listening habits while creating a nostalgic playlist you can enjoy and share. As the year wraps up, keep streaming your favorite tunes to ensure your Replay playlist accurately captures the music that defined your 2023.

People Also Ask about Apple Music Replay:

  • Does Replay auto-update? Yes, the playlist will dynamically update to reflect your top 100 most played songs throughout the calendar year. It finalizes in late December.
  • When do Replays become private? The 2023 Replay will no longer be updated after December 31, 2023. It will still be accessible but not editable. A new 2024 Replay playlist will be generated next year.
  • Can I create a Replay playlist for past years? Unfortunately no, Apple Music Replay playlists only become available for the current calendar year. Playlists from previous years can no longer be edited or recreated.
  • How far back does Replay go? The first Replay playlist appeared in 2019. So it covers 2019 through the current year 2023.
  • Is Replay available on all devices? Yes, you can access Replay on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android device, and Apple Watch.

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