Samsung's "Unpacked" show in San Jose will unveil the Galaxy S24 series on January 17, featuring live streaming on various platforms

Samsung is planning to announced it's own Galaxy AI in their flagship S24 series. 

Galaxy AI is rumored to be super advanced and might be able to translate live calls into any language. You could speak in any language during a call on the go.

Our research reveals the device's secret feature may be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, providing a powerful brain for speed and performance.

Email Writing, Document Summarization, Image generation and Expand the image at the same time all the features you can possibly see in The S24 Galaxy AI.

AI-based subject tracking technology allows users to zoom in on any part of a picture or video while maintaining its highest quality, up to 4K.

One more secret feature is, In camera you can probably see 5x telephoto lens.

The Nightography feature takes image quality to a whole new level. No more lag or dimness - your pictures will be super clear and brighter than ever before.

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