Tyler Morgan, a former employee of Apple, offers his insider knowledge on how to extend the life of your iPhone battery and enhance your user experience!

Do not charge your phone overnight or up to 100%. Charging it to around 80% is ideal. And if you're going out all day, go ahead and charge it to 100%, just not every day.

Go to Setting -> Battery -> Battery Health & Charging -> Charging Optimization -> Check Optimized Battery Charging or put it to 80% limit

Turning off your background activity: Go to -> General -> Background App Refresh (You will see all the apps that are running in the background) -> Turn it that off

To disable location services for infrequently used apps, navigate to Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Location Services -> set "Allow Location Access" to "Never" for those apps.

Green Location Pin

Turn down your brightness Go to -> settings -> Display & Brightness -> Set Automatic their also "turn off raise the wake" & set auto lock to 1 min.

Turn off Hey Siri Go to -> Settings -> Siri & Search -> at the top (Listen For) -> Turn it off

Turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it. Not from the upper slider  but from the settings.

Accessibility -> Motion -> Turn On reduce motion (if You have a pro Turn on the option "Limit the Framerate")

Enable lower power mode form the Settings -> Battery -> Lower Power Mode -> Turn it on