iTech Code Camp

Code Camp Adventure.

During the school holidays .i.e. April, August and December, we hold  iTech Code Camp for a week, Monday – Friday.

Students are able to hone their computer skills through fun, interactive and creative learning sessions. Each student learns and progresses at their own pace. We believe that each of them is gifted in creativity and given the opportunity the can bring their rich imagination to life. From creating video games, videos, and animated stories, they can find solutions for problems in the world around them.

In addition, they gain other skills such as:-

Programming and coding
Problem solving
Goal setting
Self confidence
Proactively seek new knowledge on their own
Computation skills
Collaboration with other children
Students learn to create characters, animations, sounds and incorporate special effects. As they advance they also learn and discover how to build and program a variety of cool robots…..The future is here!!!!

We recommend this program to children from 7years old. we track each student’s progress, taking into their account their skills development and adjust their sessions accordingly. We ensure each student is well challenged but not overwhelmed or frustrated.

Enroll them today to give them an edge for the future.

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